Akemona Announces Launch of its Affiliate OnchainTA

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Akemona, the first SEC-registered, FINRA-member, crowdfunding platform that allows businesses to raise funds by offering and selling blockchain tokens as digital securities, has announced the launch of OnchainTA, an affiliate entity created earlier this year by one of the founding partners of Akemona.

OnchainTA provides blockchain-based capitalization table management and post-subscription investor relations services to businesses, who raise funds on the Akemona platform. Through OnchainTA investors may replace lost digital securities, register digital securities purchased from other investors and receive principal, interest or dividend payback from the issuer.

In addition to serving token issuers who use the Akemona platform, OnchainTA is open to any business who needs blockchain-based, non-custodial transfer agent services.

The benefit of OnchainTA is that it is non-custodial. Investors maintain custody of their securities at all times in any digital wallet of their choice. This allows investors to directly trade their securities with anyone. Secondary buyers of the digital securities are encouraged to register their securities with OnchainTA for replacement in case of loss and for principal, interest or dividend payback.

Under the custodial model, investors hold securities in the wallet provided by the transfer agent. As a result, investors can trade only with investors who are registered with the transfer agent.

Simon Grunfeld, Chief Product Officer of Akemona, stated, “I can think of no better way to leverage blockchain than the simple use case made as a transfer agent. Using blockchain to record transactions, issue certificates, and act as a means of positive control for reissuing lost or stolen certificates, is the natural progression for the industry.”

Blockchain-based digital securities enjoy rising interest from investors as they offer direct ownership of the tokens purchased and the ability to trade them with interested buyers in the secondary market.

Media Contact:
Jacob Sparks
[email protected]

About Akemona, Inc.

Akemona (https://akemona.com), a pioneer in digital securities, is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA (https://www.finra.org/about/firms-we-regulate/funding-portals-we-regulate) under Regulation Crowdfunding. Akemona is the first smart contract-based crowdfunding portal in the United States. Akemona uses the Ethereum blockchain to enable issuance of digital securities. Akemona Technologies, an affiliate of Akemona, has developed a digital securities issuance platform using blockchain that does not require banks, middlemen or brokers. Global investors fund projects directly by purchasing digital securities issued by U.S. businesses. This digitalization of securities contracts allows Akemona to reduce the cost of raising capital. Qualified businesses can offer and sell digital securities on the Akemona platform to raise funds. Digital securities can be traded 24×7, are settled immediately, and provide full transparency of trade and pricing, all of which increase investor confidence. All digital securities issued on the Akemona platform have a lock-in period of one year from the close of subscription.

About OnchainTA

OnchainTA (https://onchainTA.com), an affiliate of Akemona, is a SEC-registered non-custodial transfer agent. OnchainTA provides blockchain-based capitalization table management and post-subscription investor relations services to businesses who issue digital security tokens to raise funds.


This communication is for information purposes only. Nothing in this press release should be construed as investment advice, endorsement, analysis, or recommendation with respect to any securities. Neither Akemona, Akemona Technologies, OnchainTA, nor any of their respective officers, directors, agents and employees make any recommendation or endorsement whatsoever regarding any securities through this press release. Nothing in this press release should be construed as an offer to sell, a distribution, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Offering of securities are only made through the private placement memorandum and associated offering documents for each offering. These private placement memorandums contain specific details of fees paid to Akemona, and should be reviewed in detail before investing. The digital securities offered on the Akemona platform are only suitable for prospective investors who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risks associated with private investments, including the risk of complete loss of their investment. Digital securities sold through Akemona, pursuant to section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act and SEC Regulation Crowdfunding thereunder, are highly speculative and illiquid.

SOURCE Akemona, Inc.

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